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About Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island ViewThe Gulf Islands of British Columbia are one of the jewels of natural beauty in the world.

Deservedly famous, the rock, water, forests and wildlife provide an environment to remember. You can hike through the forests, kayak past gorgeous sculptured sandstone shores, watch eagles and hummingbirds, or simply sit and enjoy a spectacular view.


A moderate and beautiful climate

Salt Spring Island is sheltered from the extremes of Pacific weather by the 300 mile long bulk of Vancouver Island. Although the region is lush, we receive considerably less rain than nearby Vancouver.

The special microclimate in this area is referred to as “cool Mediterranean”. If you live where the summers give you either searing heat or sauna-like humidity, you’ll love Salt Spring. It’s warm enough to sun-bathe, but not so hot or humid that you can’t enjoy it!


A wealth of wildlife

Wild mink, humming birds, eagles, dear, sea lions, seals, otters, porpoises, starfish, sea cucumbers. No large predators and no poisonous insects. One visitor to Salt Spring spotted 86 species of birds in three mornings, just sitting at one spot! Over 120 species of birds have been spotted.


A mix of everything

Salt Spring Island View17 miles (27 km) long and 9 miles (14 km) wide, with 83 miles (133 km) of shoreline.

Several small mountains: Hope Hill 648m (2,126 ft.), Mount Tuam,  Mount Sulivan 630m (2,067 ft.),  Baynes Peak in Mount Maxwell Park 605m (1,985 ft.)  Mount  Erskine 440m (1,444 ft.).

Population 10.000. Located between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. Part of a chain of islands extending from north-west Washington north along the coast of British Columbia.

Secluded forests, lakes, beaches, rocky shores, pastoral farmland. Sheltered waters that are popular with yatchers, kayakers and divers. Freshwater and ocean swimming.


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